Compromise Assessment

do you know if you are compromised?

The average time of detecting a compromise is approximately 200 days (Source: Verizon Breach Report).  Do you know if your infrastructure, data, or applications have been compromised?  Has a user's credentials been stolen?  Has a vulnerability discovered during your security assessment been exploited previously by a malicious threat actor? 

When your organization has experienced an intrusion from a malicious entity, call TrilogySecurity to help guide you through the Inicident Response process to assess, contain, and eradicate the threat.  Our computer forensics team will investigate intrusions from dangerous sources, using an approach focused on identifying, containing, and eradicating threats.

Expert Response, Guidance, and Confidentiality

We provide Incident Response to our clients and organizations that have experienced a malicious security event.  We assist our clients with investigating and recovering from a security event, reducing risk and damage from the event, eradicating the threat, and identifying areas of your sensitive data that have been compromised.  We then work with you to report the event to law enforcement if neccesary.  Complete confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, which includes:

  • Methodology Summary
  • Incident Assessment
  • Identification of Customer Objectives
  • Information & Evidence Gathering
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Strategy Planning
  • Develop Remediation Plans
  • Execute Remediation for Containment & Eradication
  • Produce Investigation Report
  • Provide Summary for Ongoing Preventative & Detective Actions

Continuous Support

TrilogySecurity provides ongoing security monitoring and continuous threat management services to assist your IT organization with identifying, managing, and monitoring security events.  We monitor, detect, and consolidate security information and assist our customers with responding to real events to quickly contain a security threat.  We also provide a proactive and preventative solution to reduce risks and threats to your organization using various technologies and process improvement solutions.