Social Engineering

Social Engineering assessment SERVICES

Social engineering attacks are arguably the most prevalent and most difficult to protect against because they take advantage of the human vulnerability in an organization.  TrilogySecurity believes in actively phishing staff and educating users on the latest social engineering attack trends and raising security awareness to effectively reduce the risks asssociated with these attacks.

Our Social Engineering assesssment services including executing intelligence on the organization, staff, and technology in the same manner an attack would and execute simulating attacks against staff.

We then recommend cyber security awareness education and frequent audits to keep your staff education and on alert to reduce the risk from these type of attacks.

Business Woman with a Laptop and a Cell Phone

By the use of deception and exploiting the trust of employees, social engineers may gain a foothold here or there. This type of attack is the most common and successful on the Internet today.  While firewalls and other technical security countermeasures are difficult or impossible to bypass, cybercriminals have moved attacks to easier, more vulnerable and inconsistent human targets. In addition to maintaining computers at the current patch level, the best way to protect against such attacks is to regularly audit and educate users with controlled tests.

Our testing can involve phishing, baiting, phone calls, detailed information gathering, physical access testing, and other techniques.  Social engineering penetration tests are designed to mimic attacks that actual malicious social engineers will use to breach your organization and people.

You will receive a full report of findings, intelligence reports, and mitigation recommendations, which will be confidentially debriefed to your staff and management.  Finally, as part of this service, we will develop and deliver specific education for your organization to reduce existing human vulnerabilities and prepare for future attacks.  We partner with various online education organizations to deliver a security awareness program AND deliver presentations onsite or at your event as an option.

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